Choosing ‘something old’ for your special day

Most brides have heard the old rhyme dating from the 1300’s, and one of the fun wedding superstitions still enjoyed today:

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue….and a silver sixpence in her shoe

‘Something old’ in this delightful wedding tradition signifies your life before marriage, and strengthens links with the past. It can also denote your intention to keep in touch with friends and family once you’re a couple.

Ideas of something old for wedding day use

  • A childhood item

  • You may have a bangle, locket, earrings or a hair clip that can be incorporated into your luxury wedding bouquet, or sewn into the hem of your dress. We’re always delighted to offer hints on how to use items, or suggest professionals who can assist.

  • An unusual something

  • Choosing something with romantic links to the past can be fun. Why not use old or retro plates to hold sweets or fruit? A vintage typewriter placed with a floral arrangement or on the guest book table is an unusual ‘something old’ that will create a talking point too.

  • Pieces from family or friends

  • If your mother has an heirloom piece of jewellery, or a friend has a clutch bag that you’ve always loved, you could choose these – they can also double as ‘something borrowed’ if you like. An old photo of you and your parents, or grandparents worn in a locket is another nice way to add ‘something old’.

Your ‘something old’ will have a special, personal meaning to you, and wonderful links to your past, adding to the joy of your happy union.