Ideas of ‘something new’ for your special day

Every bride will be gaining a new husband on her luxury wedding day, but retaining the wedding tradition of the ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue….and a silver sixpence in her shoe‘ rhyme is one of those wedding superstitions that most brides enjoy.

Favourite ideas for something new

‘Something new’ represents your brand new life together as a couple, so you’ll want to try to select a special item to convey this.

  • Your wedding dress

  • Many brides choose their gorgeous wedding gown to represent their ‘something new’ and it’s the obvious choice. Maybe you’re wearing a vintage or heirloom gown, or want to find something unique. There are dozens of creative ways to find ‘something new’ and if you’d like professional help, we’ll be delighted to assist.

  • Luxury accessories

  • Luxurious accessories are a great way to find your personal ‘something new’ and could be those designer shoes you adore, some fabulous pure silk underwear, elegant white gloves or a special piece of jewellery such as a heart on a slender chain from a top jeweller.

  • Special new items suitable for a bride

  • Why not treat yourself to a new perfume, custom made by a top bespoke perfumier especially for your day. If you’re buying a new home together, a specially cut silver key engraved with the date, and your initials, or new initials if you’re changing your name, makes a wonderful ‘something new’ and can be worn on a chain or as a charm in your bouquet.

Your new life together is certain to be filled with joy and happiness, but it’s still fun to observe this old wedding tradition.