‘Something borrowed’ for your luxury wedding

Whether you’re a classic traditional bride or an elegant, modern bride, you’ll probably know the old English rhyme and wedding tradition ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…and a silver sixpence in her shoe‘.
Something borrowed denotes ‘happiness, and traditionally brides would be loaned an item belonging to a happily married friend. Today’s bride might just as easily borrow something from a friend or loved one.

What type of item can ‘something borrowed’ be

  • • A piece of clothing

  • Many brides choose the veil that their mother or grandmother wore. If you’re not wearing one, you might use a borrowed veil to wrap around your flowers -carefully protected so that it can be returned in pristine condition. If you’re a winter bride, a beautiful wrap or stole makes a lovely ‘something borrowed’.

  • • Jewellery and accessories

  • Jewellery belonging to a friend or loved one is another favourite. The Queen loaned Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge one of her own very special tiaras for her special day. Perhaps, you’d like your ‘something borrowed’ to come from your dad or a male friend? A signet ring can be incorporated into your bouquet or sewn securely into your dress.

  • Unusual borrowed items

  • You could borrow family heirloom candlesticks, or ask a relative or friend to lend you a vase or ornament you admire to place on your guest book table. A handkerchief or tie pin that your father, uncle or grandfather wore is a nice touch, and can be used in lots of ways to ‘pass on’ their happiness to you.

Whatever you select, don’t forget to return it promptly, with a big thank you, and in the same condition that it was loaned to you.