Keeping up with wedding tradition for your romantic day

Wedding superstitions such as the old saying from the 14th century ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue….and a silver sixpence for her shoe’ are fun, and most brides still make them part of their big day.

‘Something blue’ is intended to be a symbol of purity and fidelity and you can include anything you wish in your luxury wedding celebrations.

Top creative ideas for something blue

  • Item that you can wear

  • Blue shoes are becoming a big hit with many brides and from baby blue satin slippers, to midnight blue heels there is lots of choice. If you don’t want to be quite so bold, or if your colour scheme doesn’t allow for it, a blue garter is another favourite, as is blue underwear. Sapphire or aquamarine jewellery also works well.

  • Carry your ‘something blue’

  • Blue flowers in your bouquet, perhaps a tiny sprig of forget-me-not, is an option. You could also carry a handkerchief, perhaps to hold your bouquet, and it needn’t be completely blue. Your names embroidered in blue thread works just as well. You could adapt this idea to add to the inside hem of your dress if you wish.

  • Other ‘something blue’ items

  • A few other ideas include, blue ribbons around your bouquet, or in your hair. Try adding a few blue feathers to your bouquet, if you’re not sure where to find any item we’ll be happy to make suggestions. A blue ankle bracelet is discreet and not to showy, while a tiny blue charm can be sewn to your dress or added to your flowers.

Every bride’s ‘something blue’ will have a special meaning to her, and it’s a lovely way to say ‘forever’.