One of the oldest wedding traditions

The throwing of the bride’s garter is considered the oldest wedding tradition. The garter toss is thought to have originated in 14th century England, where guests believed that grabbing a piece of the bride’s clothing would bring them luck. To preserve the bride’s wedding gown, the tradition evolved to the single men making a grab for the bride’s garter. Couples soon objected and now the tradition is carried out by the groom. The groom removes the garter himself and throws it towards the single men right after the bride has thrown her bouquet to the single women.

Another slant on the tradition has the garter toss become a game, where the single men try to throw the garter to hang on the nose of the groom. The first to succeed would be the next to marry.

Today you can choose to have your husband throw your garter after discreetly removing it, or you can choose to keep it for your husband to remove later.
Many brides now wear two garters, one to throw and one to keep.

Some guests have delicate sensibilities and some brides are shy and not comfortable with public displays, so if you choose to carry on the garter toss tradition it’s best to do it discreetly and tastefully.

How to choose your wedding garter

Whether or not you decide to go with the garter toss tradition, you’ll still want at least one beautiful garter for your wedding day.

Traditional garters are blue and white, the colours of purity and fidelity. Most are made from lace with silk or satin trim, and one of the most beautiful types of lace that is popular for wedding garters is the delicate ‘dentelle de Calais’.

You can accessorise your garter with luxury jewels such as crystals or a beautiful brooch, or you might choose to have the bow made from ribbon that is personalised with the names of the bride and groom.

We are always happy to offer tips and you can also ask friends for advice, or enquire in a shop specialising in wedding accessories. Alternatively, you can ask your dressmaker or designer to create a custom made garter for your luxury wedding.

Finally, remember to do things in the correct order. The garter toss comes after the throwing of the bridal bouquet.