Tossing the bouquet – a fun wedding tradition

Though it isn’t compulsory, the bouquet toss is a fun wedding tradition that many brides enjoy keeping. Traditionally, the bridal bouquet was thrown by the bride to unmarried female guests to bring luck, with the recipient supposedly the next to marry. The throwing of the bouquet has much in common with the garter toss to male guests, with the point being to receive a memento from the bride.


Bouquet throwing etiquette

Today it is often more appropriate to include all women guests in tossing the bouquet to ensure that unmarried women are not singled out, thus saving any undue embarrassment.

How – to throw the bouquet, the bride must stand with her back to the assembled female guests, and may wish to stand on a balcony or even a chair. Play a girly song, perhaps chosen from our list of favourites, and toss the bouquet.

When – After the cutting of the cake, and perhaps around the same time as the garter toss.

Modern tips for timeless traditions

Perhaps you don’t wish to throw your beautiful bouquet. Many brides now have their florist create a separate bouquet especially for throwing. It can consist of several smaller bouquets which break apart when thrown, a fun way to spread the luck. Alternatively, smaller bouquets can be given to your bridesmaids to thank them.

If you decide that this is not an appropriate tradition for your luxury wedding you might like to give your bouquet to the couple who have been married longest, or to a newly engaged friend.

Our top 5 bouquet throwing songs

Diamonds are a girls best friend – Moulin Rouge

Single ladies – Beyoncé

Girls just want to have fun – Cyndi Lauper

I feel like a woman – Shania Twain

Just a girl – No Doubt