The announcement of your luxury wedding

Your wedding invitation cards is the classic and traditional way to announce your wedding. Widely used by brides and grooms from all cultures, it’s a simple and effective way to invite your family and friends to share your special day. In the US a ‘save the date’ card is sometimes sent beforehand to allow guests to ensure they don’t plan anything else on the day, but it is still usual to send a formal invitation too.

Selecting the perfect wedding invitation cards

You are responsible for the creation of your special luxury wedding invitations, and there are some basic points to take into consideration. Many couples use their wedding invitation to advise guests of a special theme. The form, colour and style you choose should reflect your personality, complement your overall theme, and illustrate the importance that you give to your wedding day.

Professional wedding invitation cards

You’ll want your wedding invitation to look special, and to reflect your chosen styles. Before going to a professional printer it’s important to know how many invitations you’ll require. Often, two types of invitation are required, one for your wedding ceremony and cocktail party, and another for your wedding dinner. Count how many of each you require, with some help from a friend or family member, then add 30 to cover extras.

Each aspect of your luxury wedding invitation needs to be decided, including the type of paper, the writing, what the text will say, and the colour and font you would prefer. You also need to choose how the invitation will open, for example will it be a classic card, or will you unroll it.

After deciding, you can ask your supplier for a delay as invitations should be sent at least 6 months before your wedding day, but you may wish to make some last minute changes.

You can also ask your supplier to create thank you cards, menus and helpful information cards, with directions to the venue for example, and any other cards you might wish to use for your wedding. This ensures that from your luxury wedding invitation cards to place setting cards, each respects your chosen theme or style.