Show your guests how much their presence means

An important part of wedding etiquette, gifts for your guests are a small token to show just how much you appreciated them taking the time to be a part of your romantic and very special day.

Why are gifts offered to our guests?


It’s just a small way to say ‘thank you’ especially to out of town guests who may have travelled some distance to share your luxury wedding day. Every single guest has played their part in making your day very special and filled with cherished memories.

What type of gifts can I offer?

Traditionally all guests received a gift of sugar coated almonds to symbolise happiness, health, abundance and longevity. Usually presented tied up with a ribbon or cord in pretty silk or net bags, they are still a beautiful and heartfelt gift.


How about some modern ideas?

Gifts can be almost anything you wish, and a popular choice at French weddings may be jam made by the mother of the groom, mini olive oil, or delicious macaroons. Personalised gifts are an inexpensive way to show your gratitude. Items such as keyrings with the date of your wedding and a photo of the bride and groom, pens, card holders or address books are always welcome gifts.

Special gifts

You may wish to offer a gracious gift to close friends and out of town guests who have made your day more special. A hospitality pack containing local produce is an inspired choice, and you might choose wine, cheeses, olive oil and herbs, or local soaps or candles in a beautiful box or basket personalised with your names and the date.

And finally

A short, personal note on beautiful paper or card, with a few well chosen words and photo of the bride and groom during some part of the day can be sent a few weeks later to thank each guest for attending. Should you wish, we can assist you in choosing gifts or creating that extra special thank you letter, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.