How do you begin setting the date for your wedding?

Congratulations on your engagement! Once the excitement has settled a little and everyone has had a chance to admire your gorgeous engagement ring, you’ll almost certainly have one particular question on your mind. ‘When exactly will we get married, and how do we choose the perfect date for our wedding day?’

Wedding basics you may want to consider when setting your wedding date

When are you both free for an extended period of time? It’s worth planning vacations from your business commitments that ensure that you have ample time to enjoy your wonderful luxury wedding, and of course your honeymoon. Will the period you decide on make it easy for your guests to attend your wedding, or more difficult? Think about how far they have to travel and how long they will spend in your chosen location.

*Our tip – bank holiday weekends often ensure that most people are free for up to four days

When do you want to get married?

Maybe you dream of being a traditional June bride, or perhaps a fur trimmed gown and romantic wedding in an Alpine resort appeals to you. A summer wedding in June on the French Riviera or most parts of Europe and the USA will work perfectly, while January in the Alps or UK almost guarantees snow.

Selecting a very special date

Choosing a date that means something is a wonderful idea, but the weekend of your grandparents golden wedding anniversary, or an important family birthday is probably not the best way to go. How about the anniversary of the day you met, or your first joint vacation? You’re sure to have lots of personal memories that might help you to choose a date with special meaning.

*Our tip – dates covering large public events in your chosen location, when hotels will be crowded and privacy a distant dream, are not recommended.

Venue tips for wedding organisation

Make sure that your chosen wedding venues are available for the dates you decide on. If you plan a celebration in different venues, check that they’re all free for the precise dates and length of time you need. This is really important if you want to have your legal or traditional ceremony in one place, followed by a wedding party in another.

If you’d like more hints on how to select the best date, or information on any part of your big day, please feel free to contact us.