How to choose wedding groomsmen gifts

Choosing the perfect gift for your groomsmen is an important part of your wedding planning. It will be your groomsmen who take care of all those little tasks and ensure that everything runs smoothly on your big day. You can choose the same gifts for all of your groomsmen, but you may want to select something special for your best man’s gift to thank him for making sure that elderly relatives made it to the right seat and not making obscene comments during the reception speech. Whatever you choose, it should be personal and meaningful. This isn’t a time to let your bride choose for you, your groomsmen gifts should be chosen by you.

Groomsmen gift ideas


cuff links

Cuff links are the classic traditional gift, and can be monogrammed if you wish.
A silver flask is both masculine and traditional
Good cigars

Special Gifts

Choose something special, the type of gift you’ve always wanted for yourself – a velvet smoking jacket for example. Don’t choose something too outrageous, go for a gift for groomsmen that they will use. cigar-box


Cigar case – can all have initials engraved or added to personalise them.

Channel his passion

If your best man has a special interest such as tennis or weight training, a few hours with a personal trainer or a short gym membership is sure to be well received. customized-toiletry-bag
Tickets to a top sporting event

Whatever you choose for groomsmen gifts, be creative. Add a fun touch with a mini tie-tying manual to ensure that everyone gets the knot right on the day. You can also treat groomsmen to a meal or night out as an extra thank you and as a last goodbye to single life.