Selecting the Groom’s attire for your most important day

While your romantic luxury wedding will certainly be the bride’s big day, it is also the groom’s, and you’ll want to make sure that you find the ideal wedding day look. Whether you plan an elegant but relaxed ceremony, or a formal wedding, you will want to complement each other and stay within your chosen colours and theme.

How do I begin to choose a groom’s uniform?

The groom’s clothing is not quite a uniform, but it does need to keep some relevant points of wedding etiquette in mind: the time of day, the season and location, and the degree of formality will have to be taken into account. Accessories are important, and shirts should match the bride’s dress colour – she may take a sample of fabric to assist in selecting the right shade of white, cream or ivory. Ties, bow ties and cummerbunds should be chosen to match the bridesmaids dresses, giving your luxury wedding a well coordinated look.

What type of wedding suit do I choose?

Depending on how formal your wedding will be, you can select appropriate attire. A suit for an informal daytime wedding should be in a dark colour for winter (such as blue, green or brown), or a lighter shade for summer for example. A semi-formal daytime suit will be similar but is normally always in black or grey. Ties are normally worn with this type of wedding attire.

How do I dress for a more formal occasion

A morning suit is always a popular choice for a formal daytime wedding – for example the aristocracy and the royal family always choose this form of dress, but a tuxedo or stroller coat are also possible choices. A tuxedo is perfect for a formal evening wedding, while a semi-formal evening event allows you to accessorise your tuxedo with a waistcoat or cummerbund and tie in a colour to match the dresses of the bridesmaids. Bow ties should always be hand tied and elegant and dress shoes are essential. An ultra formal evening wedding requires a white tie with a black tailcoat.

Whatever type of luxury wedding you’re planning, work with your bride to ensure that your wedding party complement each other. Nothing is more important than a smart, well fitting suit that you’ll feel relaxed and confident in, so be sure to have several fittings leading up to your wedding.


Groom-attire-tuxedoTuxedo – a formal jacket, widely worn at special events. Can be single or double breasted. Choose from three types of lapel – peaked, notched and shawl.

Groom-attire-morning_suitMorning jacket – sometimes called a morning coat or cutaway. Worn mainly for formal daytime weddings and has a short front, tapering to a long tail at the back.

groom-attire-tail-coatTailcoat – similar to a morning jacket but in black with two tails at the back and ideal for ultra-formal weddings.

Groom-attire-stroller-coatStroller coat – a jacket similar to a tuxedo, worn as part of a suit. Usually for weddings that take place before mid afternoon.

groom-attire-black-bow-tieBow tie - usually chosen to wear with a tuxedo. Coloured ties are suitable for most weddings, but at an ultra-formal wedding, a white tie is essential.

groom-attire-ascot-tieAscot – a fold over scarf type tie, held in place with a tie pin and usually worn with a morning jacket for formal daytime weddings.