1920’s men’s attire for your Great Gatsby inspired wedding

You’ve decided on your roaring 20’s themed wedding, so now it’s time to start looking for the type of groom’s attire that reflects the style and suave elegance of the era.

How to capture the Great Gatsby look

Wide legged trousers were the order of the day, and Oxford bags with their high waist and turn ups were a favourite. Pinstripe is a favourite pattern for trousers like this – worn with a matching or contrasting jacket.

Jackets should be single breasted with the lapels cut lower than modern suits to show your waistcoat underneath. If you choose a suit, cream and white were a sign of wealth back in the 1920’s, but consult your bride to ensure that you select a shade to suit her wedding gown.

Today, designers such as Ralph Lauren, Hackett and Brook’s Brothers all offer 1920’s style men’s attire with a contemporary edge, and we’re available if you require advice on designers or professional tailors.

Accessorise your Great Gatsby wedding attire

Shirts for the groom and groomsmen should have a club collar – the correct way to show off your bow tie or old school tie to perfection.

You can add contemporary touches with accessories to avoid that ‘gangster’ look, and silk handkerchiefs, pocket watches with chains and two-tone brogues all complement men’s clothing with the 20’s cut.


Club collar – a shirt with rounded collar points instead of the straight edges favoured today. Often called Eton collars as boys at the famous
public school were required to wear them in the 1920’s

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