The incredible vision of Manuel Meszarovits

Based in Provence in France, Manuel Meszarovits is an internationally recognised wedding photographer who has captured some of the world’s most famous and prestigious weddings. Manuel has an incredible repertoire as a humanitarian photographer too, and his work is sensitive and visionary. It is this incredible depth of experience, and his aptitude as a skilled photojournalist that makes Manuel Meszarovits one of the most sought after photographers for luxury weddings today.

An exceptional photographer for your romantic wedding

Manuel Meszarovits is adept at catching your most candid moments. His work as a wedding photographer has taken him to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, Europe and Australia, and he is supremely capable of covering outstanding weddings in any location.

Manuel will employ his vast experience as a photojournalist to shadow you, discreetly and sensitively, through every part of your incredible day. Not a photographer for rigid portraits, there is no need to pose for Manuel. Instead, he will take thousands of shots, catching fleeting glimpses and touching moments naturally.

Manuel Meszarovits is not just a photographer, he is the author of the tale of the most romantic day of your life, documenting each part of your wedding story as it unfolds. Beautifully capturing the most special moments between bride and groom, the love and trust that is so evident between them, Manuel is a master of his craft. His unique vision will result in a candid and very special record of your luxury wedding celebrations that you will treasure and cherish forever.

If you would like to see more of the remarkable work of Manuel Meszarovits, or if you would like us to arrange a meeting with Manuel with a view to having him cover your remarkable wedding day, please contact us by telephone or using the form. Meeting with Manuel will allow you to better understand his exceptional skills, and to envisage how he can best illustrate your special day.

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