Floral cocktail party decoration to create the perfect mood

Selecting floral arrangements for your cocktail is an important part of your luxury wedding, and helps you to carry on a wedding theme or create a special ambience. Beautiful flowers can heighten the feeling of elegance and luxury, and will convey to your guests the intimacy and romance of your special wedding celebrations.

Glamorous and elegant floral decoration ideas

Arrangements of flowers or plants can feature in several areas of your cocktail reception – on the buffet table, corner tables, shelves, plinths and on individual tables. It’s important to carry on your main floral theme. For example, if you choose large traditional bouquets of ivory roses for your main floral decorations, you might consider carefully selected smaller arrangements, or single rosebuds grouped in shot glasses that have been decorated with your names.

Use each area for your decorative floral arrangements

Make use of all areas. For example if the venue has a fountain you might place flowers in clear containers in the water for a striking display, or float large blooms on the surface. Place a single beautiful lily or rose in a champagne or wine bottle – obviously the same vintage that you will serve, or arrange tiny bunches of flowers that mimic your bouquet in champagne flutes. Platters or stands at your buffet may also be decorated with some of the same blooms that feature in your bouquet.

Try something unusual for a spectacular effect

If your main table decoration contained unusual pieces such as painted fruits or nuts, or unusual vases or tins, you can incorporate this into your cocktail or club event, perhaps with a large grouping of different containers filled with flowers on the end of the bar or painted almonds scattered on tables. Place golden sprayed apples at intervals, or in a continuous line, along a terrace or wall at your cocktail party, an idea that will also enhance the floral scenography you choose for your special day. It’s always good to get a little help, so feel free to contact us for ideas and inspiration.