Your original table centrepiece

Centrepieces are a vital part of the table decoration at your wedding and wonderful floral arrangements create a romantic point of focus. Capture the imagination of your guests with arrangements that bring pleasure and joy. A carefully chosen centrepiece can further illustrate a chosen theme, complement table settings and glassware, or can be used to evoke certain emotions and add to the romantic atmosphere.

How to create an exceptional centrepiece

Pretty pots of bluebells or lily of the valley will make the most of the dimensions of small tables. Single perfect blooms presented in shot glasses and grouped together give the illusion of a large arrangement in a smaller space, while plants in individual containers, such as orchids, offer a delightful alternative and can be taken away by guests afterwards. Large tables can accommodate magnificent lilies, roses, or try a single branch of cherry or almond blossom for a simple but effective piece.

Glamorous and beautiful centrepiece ideas

A popular choice is large bowls of perfect flowers, a traditional style that always looks spectacular. Personalise your centrepiece with unusual bowls or containers – beautiful antique vases or family heirlooms are ideal for this type of piece. If you feel overwhelmed by the choice, or would like help with ideas, you can consult a professional to assist you in creating a beautiful and very personal centrepiece. As well as mismatched vases and containers, you might enjoy adding fruit or vegetables to your centrepiece to create a vibrant look. The perfect bunch of purple grapes, brilliant red tomatoes or peppers, luscious lemons and limes all add colour.

Add unusual and eye catching elements

Add texture with coconuts or artichokes, or spray apples or nuts in gold or silver to place randomly around your central flowers. Make sure that centrepieces are not too high, and allow guests to converse easily. Candles floating in sparkling wine glasses, placed among a few perfect blooms are a good way to use a specific flower. You might choose a flower that denotes a particular emotion such as love, as is the case with roses, the traditional favourite. Many other flowers have different meanings and provide a charming way to say something very personal as you create your own very special centrepiece.