Magical adornment for your romantic ceremony

Whether you choose to take your intimate vows in a religious setting, or in a specially constructed area at your luxury wedding venue, you’ll want to ensure that your flowers for the ceremony are perfect.

How do I place arrangements?

There are different areas you’ll wish to consider when choosing ceremony flowers. Sometimes there is an arch at the beginning of the aisle leading to the space where the bride and groom will take their wedding vows, although an arch is not always possible or necessary.

If you do have an arch, it may be entirely floral, perhaps using some of the blooms used in your bridal bouquet, or highlighting one flower in particular. An arch made from foliage or bamboo, interspersed with a few roses or lilies following a pattern can look amazing, and is a little different.

Other areas where ornament is desirable

You’ll also require floral decoration on the aisle, or pathway itself. A carpet of petals is nice, but bear in mind that you, the bride has to be able to walk on it in the shoes you’re going to wear. It will also need to be wide enough for two, the bride and her father and then of course, the bride and groom.

While a carpet of rose petals might look gorgeous, it might be slippery. A good way around this is to have the flower girls walk in front throwing handfuls or rose petals as they go. Perhaps a base such as moss, with tiny flowers woven into random areas, or a border made from single blooms are alternatives you might like for your aisle.

You can decorate the sides of pews with flower arrangements. You may prefer floral or foliage ropes, or candles in beautiful containers.

The steps and the altar

The steps to the stage you have chosen and, of course this area, must look romantic and very special. Choose pieces that are in keeping with the importance of your ceremony, more formal than the floral cocktail party ornaments for example.

Staying in tune with your theme and colour choices is important. You could create a border at the side of the steps, or place large bowls of flowers of the same colour or type used in your bridal bouquet or floral art.

The stage will be the focus of your intimate ceremony, so though floral streamers can look pretty, ensure that they don’t obstruct the view for your guests. Use them as a backdrop instead, or perhaps make your ceremony area special with a canopy of flowers or floral pillars.
We can help you to find a professional florist if you wish, or offer more hints and ideas for the flowers for your ceremony.