Your bridal bouquet – the final touch

Having chosen your dream wedding dress, fabulous shoes and accessories, there’s one final part of your wedding ensemble to consider: your bride’s bouquet. Choosing the perfect bridal bouquet can be fun. Keep some simple points in mind to help ensure that your wedding flowers are as beautiful and romantic as every other aspect of your special day.

How to make a bridal bouquet?

Your overall look

There are a number of points to consider when selecting the most fabulous blooms to carry on your wedding day. When you visit the florist it may be helpful to take a photograph of your dress, or a sample of the material to aid you in choosing colours and bouquet types to enhance, rather than clash with the style of your bridal gown. For example, if your dress is very ornate, or has a long sweeping train and very full skirt, you may consider a more subtle bouquet. Likewise, if your gown is simple and romantic, you might choose eye catching floral arrangements with flowing ribbons and brightly coloured blooms.
Moreover, you can also reveal to your florist your wedding theme, colours of you wedding decoration and of your wedding ceremony. Your must-have accessory must complement your entire wedding!

Personal preferences and style

There are several different types of bouquet, and they can be adapted to suit the style of your gown, as well as your body type. One of the most popular bridal bouquets is the balloon type which is often made from roses or other round shaped flowers, but you might prefer a long spray of arum lilies or orchids. Perhaps you have a favourite flower, or one with special memories or romantic connotations that you’d like to incorporate into your bouquet. You may wish to add flowers with special meanings, such as the popular baby’s breath which symbolises purity and innocence, roses and bluebells which stand for love, or calla lilies to symbolise beauty and elegance, and we would be delighted to offer recommendations or assistance with this very important facet of your day.

The finishing touches

Have a florist wrap all stems to prevent thorns or edges from hurting your hands, or damaging the delicate fabric of your gown, and be aware that strongly perfumed flowers can be overpowering, particularly in smaller spaces. You can decorate your bouquet with crystals, pearls or flowing ribbons to match your dress, or you may pick a pretty basket of spring flowers. Whatever you finally decide on for your very special bouquet, it should complement you and your beautiful gown, and add to the splendour and romance of your day.

Now you know everything about perfecting your beautiful bridal bouquet, it is time to choose your bridesmaid’s bouquets.