Be creative with sensational luxury floral arrangements

Flowers are an essential component on the most special and romantic day of your life, your luxury wedding. Floral art can be used to create glorious pieces that can enhance or set the scene. Let your imagination run free, flower arrangements don’t need to be confined to vases and containers, nor to table decoration and venue decoration. If you would love to walk through curtains made entirely from flowers, or imagine a fabulous plaque with the names of the bride and groom picked out in gorgeous blooms, a good florist will be able to form works of art with foliage and flowers that are unique to your luxury wedding.

Choosing pieces with imagination and creativity

How creative can you be with your stunning floral arrangements? There’s no limit to what can be achieved with a little imagination and a florist designer who is open to your ideas, from chic garlands to glamorous floral thrones to seat the bride and groom. If you need assistance in finding an artistic and accomplished wedding decoration expert, we’ll be happy to assist you. Maybe you dream of walking barefoot on a carpet of moss and flowers, or of taking your very special vows under an arch, or a tree covered in cherry blossom. Don’t worry if cherry blossom season is over, a gifted floral artist can create trees especially for you which won’t lose their blossoms during your romantic day.

Make the most of your wedding flowers with amazing scenery

Magical scene stealing sculptures of unicorns or seahorses may appeal to you – anything is possible. A chandelier made from gorgeous white flowers, or an entire table covered in exotic blooms in whimsical shapes, anything can be realised with flower arranging of the calibre and excellence that you desire for your luxury wedding. Create your own woodland glade, or your personal Versailles, or marry under arches of beautiful blossom or exotic bamboo and lilies. From chandeliers to magical starbursts on the ceiling that light up at night, the sky really is the limit with luxury floral scenography.