• Circus Shows
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Troupe

A talented circus troupe from France to light up your night

Playful and evocative this talented French circus company offers spectacular acts to add a splendidly decadent touch to your luxury wedding celebrations. You and your guests will be amazed by the magical creatures that illustrate the 4 elements of life in a magical circus show that features special choreography and multi-talented performers. Aerial acrobats steal the show with fabulous costumes and a routine that will electrify your dinner or cocktail celebrations. Whow! have appeared at many top events throughout Europe and have caused a sensation wherever they go, and regular appearances on TV have added to their fame.

A modern circus and acrobatic troupe

Whow! is an amazing modern circus that takes contemporary entertainment to a thrilling new plane. The sensational effects and costumes, plus magnificent choreography make for one of the most remarkable circus shows today. This exceptional wedding performance are a special addition to your dinner or cocktail party. We can assist you with booking and coordinating Whow! as an outstanding feature of your luxury wedding entertainment. Spectacular acts from a circus troupe with a modern edge will be the highlight of your evening.

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