• Illusionists
  • From France
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Duo

Black light theatre an artistic act for a wedding dinner

The amusing and surprising White Magic Men perform an stylised and sophisticated routine, using black light to enhance the illusions that they enact so well. Your guests will be stunned by their antics as they appear as if from nowhere, thanks to their clever magical black light show. This pair of unreal English men use black light to their advantage, one minute here, another there, one minute alone and the next a duo. A superb and artistic act that will enhance any luxury wedding dinner, White Magic Men are original and exciting.

A wedding performance with flair using black and white

The creative way that black light is employed to cancel out everything but the white clothing and white props that this fun duo rely on is amazing. A white hat is a real focus point, and evokes a different era as the black light theatre routine thrills your wedding guests. A spectacular entertainment that is perfect for audiences of any age, and which will appeal to all tastes. Please contact us to make White Magic Men a real talking point during your luxury wedding.

White Magic Men   White Magic Men   White Magic Men   White Magic Men