• Musical Shows
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Troupe

Inter-galactic acapella troupe will enchant your guests

Hailing from the planet Voca, situated somewhere just behind the sun, the Voca People came to earth as friends. These lovable aliens enjoy nothing more than singing, and in no time at all they’ve built up and extensive repertoire of musical styles and songs that they know will appeal to earthlings. Unfortunately, they’ve not yet mastered instruments, but with they’ve given acapella singing with the art of beat box their own unique touch. Dressed in their customary white costumes the Voca People will be an inspiring asset at your luxury wedding. Your guests will be thrilled to be entertained by aliens, and Voca People just love to have fun.

Amazing vocal sounds combined with comedy performance

Comedians as well as singers, Voca People will have your guests participating in their unique musical show during your dinner party or cocktail reception. They believe that music and life go hand in hand, though when they landed on earth their space ship lost its musical energy. They have travelled all over the world and appeared at a host of top events, where thousands of spectators have joined in to help them to re-energise their ship. Now you can enjoy these wonderful aliens and their inter-galactic music show as a unique wedding performance that adds something just ‘out of this world’ to your very special day.

A stellar troupe of singers for your wedding entertainment

Audiences of all ages enjoy the spectacular vocal range of Voca People, who use song as their main form of communication. Their exceptional and very amusing acapella and beat box act makes a delightful addition to your dinner or cocktail event. We would be happy to communicate with Voca People on your behalf. Our vast experience in dealing with friendly aliens has lead to a depth of understanding that will allow us to give you more information, as well as enable us to assist you in engaging Voca People for a wedding performance that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy.

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