• Painting Artists
  • From Switzerland
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

Amazing one of a kind show painter and entertainer

By the age of 6, born performer, The Upside Down Painter, already preferred to communicate with pen or pencil. After attending the Higher School of Graphic Arts, he passed the extremely competitive entrance exam for the prestigious School of Visual Arts & Communications – the Ecole des Gobelins and graduated with a diploma in Animated Film.

The skills of a creative upside down portrait painter performer

Now a famous speed and live painter, this incredible artist, has entertained at many prestigious events and is ideally suited as a wedding painting performer. Armed with just a canvas and a bucket of paint, as the lights are dimmed, he apparently paints randomly in time to the music. After the canvas is rotated, an intricate and accurate portrait is revealed, completed in just 4 minutes.

A thrilling show painter for your luxury wedding

The exceptional talent of The Upside-Down Painter is now recognised everywhere, and he can often be seen on television creating a magical upside down portrait in front of a rapt audience. Your wedding guests will be intrigued, and this performer is able to customise paintings to suit any occasion – a beautiful portrait of the bride and groom for example. Please contact us if you’d like us to assist you in retaining this spectacular artist as live wedding painting for your dinner celebration. A stunning one of a kind interlude, make a piece of real art a facet of your luxury wedding.

The Upside Down Painter   The Upside Down Painter   The Upside Down Painter