• One of a kind
  • From Ukraine
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Trio

A stunning and intricate hand-balance act

Beautiful and talented artists from Ukraine, Torimé are a trio who will bring spectacular production and outstanding choreography to your luxury wedding entertainment. An acrobatic show that really is a one of a kind act. The girls employ the music they use with great skill to increase the suspense and level of surprise at their remarkable movements. Amazing to watch, Torimé are contortionists of repute who will astonish your guests with the fantastic shapes they make while using each other for balance.

A memorable wedding performance routine

Torimé use red costumes to add an edge of danger and drama to their routine in an acrobatic show that you and your guests will adore. This gifted young trio are ideally suited to dinner reception celebrations, and a hand-balance act adds an unusual touch to your evening’s entertainment. Gifted acrobats, the trio combine elegance with strength to offer a sensational performance. We will be delighted to provide you with further details, so please contact if you would like to make Torimé a delightful part of your luxury wedding festivities.

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