• Acrobats
  • From USA
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Duo

A balancing act with an incredible finale from USA

The amazing production involved in this thrilling aerial and acrobatic act is outstanding, and makes for a truly sensational wedding performance. Strong Duo live up to their name and these talented artists are two of the finest acrobats in their particular field. Their superb routine has allowed this exciting duo to create a strong fan base, and they have performed at numerous high end events for discerning audiences in Europe and the USA. This balancing show is a one of a kind display of strength, power and flair and will delight guests at your luxury wedding celebrations.

A terrific wedding performance that will amaze your guests

Strong Duo are acrobats who have mastered a range of incredible feats of agility and skill, and who will enhance your dinner reception and ensure you and your guests of a memorable evening. Their incredible finale is the highlight of a balancing act that shows their expertise to great effect, and if you would like further information on Strong Duo, or details of how to make them part of your dinner entertainment, please contact us.

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