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Fabulous fire fury for your luxury wedding entertainment

Spark Fire Dance are former Cirque du Soleil artists, who perform an amazing range of highly skilled pyrotechnic acts, including many that were custom designed by founder Dan Miethke. Their 20’s style indoor fire and special effects dance acts are in massive demand, making Spark Fire Dance a really fabulous treat for your guests as part of your luxury wedding celebrations. Set pieces that are their own original creations include Electroswing Fire, Fire Fury, Sparkle Fire and Dragon Breath, each one a magnificent contemporary fire dance that will take your breath away.

Fire shows that have taken the world by storm

Dan Miethke was fire coach and lead fire artist with the world famous Cirque du Soleil for 2 years, and created many of his original stage pieces during this period. After meeting Stephanie Höggerl during an event in Shanghai, the duo formed Spark Fire Dance. Steffi has been perfecting her own acrobatic, aerial and pyrotechnics since the age of 16, and together the couple have taken Spark Fire Dance to luxury corporate and private events all over the world. Now available for your luxury wedding, these sensational fire shows add a spark to your cocktail party or dinner reception.

A magical contemporary fire dance show for your big day

Now Dan can create Spark Fire Dance as a customised wedding performance for your big day, in the form of 2 main acts which can be as a duo, or with 4 people. Each of these amazing shows will feature signature acts such as Dragon Breath and Sparkle Fire, and you can choose a human pyrotechnic piece as a finale if you wish. Spark Fire Dance work exclusively with special non toxic odour and smoke free fuel for the safety and comfort of you and your guests. If you require more details on how you can astonish your guests with Spark Fire Dance, we will be pleased to help.

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