• Jugglers
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

A spectacular juggling show with diabolos

Skylights is an outstanding prize-winning juggler from Germany, who has appeared at many exceptional events throughout Europe. He has becoming increasingly popular as an original wedding exhibition act, and if you wish Skylights can arrive at your luxury wedding ceremony by jumping from a plane – or of course he can enter through the door like your other guests. It’s his incredible flexibility and skill with the diabolo that has made him a favourite solo performer for high end events. A master of timing and technique, Skylights performs with dexterity and skill to create a one of a kind show that your guests will enjoy to the utmost.

A superb diabolo juggler for your wedding ceremony dinner

Skylights is a master of his craft, and whether or not you choose the dramatic entrance, you will be assured of a spectacular wedding performance from this highly talented artist. Skylights excels at unusual tricks and feats and is known for his grand finishes, making him a terrific choice for your dinner reception. If you’d like to know more about booking Skylights for your luxury wedding entertainment, please contact us for details.

Skylights   Skylights