• One of a kind
  • From France
  • Ideal dinners
  • Duo

Beautifully choreographed skaters from France

The brilliant timing and choreography, and the incredible acrobatic and balance skills of this amazing couple as they perform on roller skates is truly fabulous. With their fantastic set pieces this French gifted duo will enhance your luxury wedding celebrations. You and your guests will enjoy the impressive sight of the girl, balanced above the man as he spins on his skates on a tiny platform, using only his head to support her. You’ll be astonished as he spins her ever faster in some of the most spectacular moves you can imagine.

An original and surprising roller skate show

In perfect time to the music, the Skating Duo build up an exciting performance that will be a superb addition to your luxury wedding dinner entertainment. Romantic as well as a stunning roller skating act, these talented artists will prove irresistible to you and your guests. If you’d like us to provide you with further details on how you can select the Skating Duo as part of your dinner celebrations, please contact us directly. We’ll be delighted to assist in arranging for this marvelous wedding performance to appear on your magical day.

The Skating Duo   The Skating Duo   The Skating Duo