• Musical Shows
  • From Spain
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Trio

A delightful entertainment piece for your wedding

A trio of attentive waitresses serve drinks to your guests, mingling with them throughout your dinner or cocktail celebrations, ensuring that everyone is happy, and then suddenly a dropped tray and all eyes are on the waitresses as they gather together. Once your guests attention has been gained, these talented Singing Waitresses from Spain start their routine. A quick costume change and these innovative wedding performers go into an entertaining retro routine that guests adore.

Select an act with an element of surprise for your celebrations

Ideally suited to dinner receptions or cocktail parties these amazing singers are a great surprise for a wedding entertainment feature. You and your guests will enjoy this romantic and stylish act who specialise in that exciting element of complete surprise. Unexpected and delightful, this Spanish band add a touch of glamour to your special day. If you would like more information on the possibility of Singing Waitresses making a surprise appearance at your luxury wedding, please get in touch with us for further details using the contact form or by telephone.

Singing Waitresses