• Contortionists
  • From Canada
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

An original act by a bubbly performer from Canada

Not just a contortion show, this incredible performer is also a singer who will delight your guests with her voice as well as her highly original act. As a contortionist this talented artist excels and is one of the most gifted and graceful in her field. As a singer, she is outstanding, adding up to a fresh and elegant show that will add a touch of glamour and panache to your luxury wedding celebrations. Singing Contortion is an outstanding solo act, and she has travelled all over the world, much to the joy of appreciative fans.

A contortion show that enhances your celebrations

Enjoy a one of a kind wedding exhibition act that will most certainly be one of the great highlights of your planned entertainment. Singing Contortion is fun, glitzy and a real show woman, who will have your guests eating out of her hand. This fantastic contortion show is the perfect choice of performance for your dinner reception. We’ll be delighted to supply you with further information on Singing Contortion with a view to making her a feature of your festivities.

Singing Contortion   Singing Contortion   Singing Contortion