• Musical Shows
  • From Spain
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Quartet

A fun string performance for your luxury wedding

Paganini present a truly amazing routine that puts the fun back into classical music. You and your guests will enjoy an exhilarating evening with this incredibly talented comedy act. These four violin players produce a comedy musical show that is ideal for your dinner or cocktail party. Laugh along as the head violinist becomes increasingly frustrated by the crazy antics of his friends. Engaging and appealing, these Spanish musicians enact a fun violin show charade, and can involve guests in a hilarious and lighthearted wedding performance. Add a lot of laughter to your cocktail party or dinner with this one of a kind act.

Comedy musical shows with an original theme

Don’t be fooled by the merriment, Paganini are talented quartet, all classically trained, who have performed at many major events. They bring an original touch to violin music, and have an extensive repertoire which they will use to great effect during your luxury wedding dinner or cocktail party. Your guests will be charmed, and this wonderful entertainment is a great addition to any evening. Contact us directly for advice on including Paganini in your special day.

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