• Illusionists
  • From France
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

A superb shadow act that will mystify your guests

Shadow Art is a unique act that combines hand shadows and illusions in a creative and fantastic show which your guests will all enjoy as part of your luxury wedding dinner entertainment. Selecting wedding performers who offer something a little out of the ordinary can be confusing, but Shadow Art are the perfect solution. As the lights dim and the shadow artist goes into his exciting routine you will be baffled and amused. Where did that hand come from? How can it be there, and how can it be so big, or so small?

Add an intriguing aspect to your luxury wedding with a shadow artist

The look on the faces of the audience as the lights come up will be delightful, and this is a unique shadow performance act that will thrill and puzzle your guests. Young guests in particular will wonder where all the hands came from in this incredible illusion which uses light, shadow and animation to create an amazing show for a wedding. To treat your guests to this fun and mystifying act, or for more details about Shadow Art, please contact us directly.

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