• Acrobats
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

A stunning solo hand balance act with rola bola

If you’re looking for an acrobatic show that offers the kind of original wedding performance that will capture the attention of guests of all ages, then the Rolas’ Acrobat may be it! With a range of astounding feats of skill, strength and balance in his repertoire, this amazing solo acrobat from Germany has thrilled audiences at numerous top events. Your guests are in for an unforgettable show that combines the danger and suspense of the rola bola with a terrific hand balance act.

Rola bola performer with an original show

The unique production devised by the Rolas’ Acrobat is a very special piece of entertainment for your luxury wedding. Ideal for inclusion in your dinner reception celebrations, this fantastic wedding animation is incredible and memorable. As the Rolas’ Acrobat builds the rola bola boards higher and higher, using two cylinders for some pieces, your guests will look on in amazement. Handsome and friendly as well as a magnificent performer, the Rolas’ Acrobat is an asset to any event, and we’ll be delighted to offer further details on how to include him in your wedding celebrations.

The Rolas' Acrobat   The Rolas' Acrobat