• Illusionists
  • From Belgium
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

Simply stunning entertainment that your guests will love

Ombromanie is the art of shadow puppetry using only the hands and carefully placed lighting. This amazing shadow artist will make a delightful addition to your luxury wedding dinner, and will entrance guests of all ages. This exceptional shadow puppet show uses a screen and spotlight to create moving pictures that will keep you guessing. Ombromanie employs his hands to great effect, producing instantly recognisable characters and animals in amusing and fun scenarios. The act is performed with a backing track that features music and authentic animal sounds, and which younger guests in particular will adore.

Chinese shadows for a memorable wedding performance

A shadow puppet show is the perfect addition to your dinner reception entertainment, and this skilled Belgian shadow performer captures the imagination with animals, birds, people and scenes. Using images that strike a chord with everyone, you and your guests will find that this hand shadow piece is the talking point of your celebrations. If you wish to make Ombromanie a part of the dinner section of your luxury wedding celebrations, or require more information on this unusual entertainment, we will be pleased to assist.