• Dancers
  • From UK
  • Ideal for cocktails and clubs
  • Solo

A romantic act that is beautiful and inspired

Nightingale is a beautiful and elegant burlesque circus routine that is a delightful enhancement to your cocktail party or club entertainment. Nightingale uses a birdcage as a very unusual prop for a poetic performance that is sensual, original and skilful. Perfect for adult audiences, her glamorous costumes and magical routine make this dance in a birdcage a treat for your guests. A solo act with a difference, and one of the most enchanting dancers performing this type of burlesque, Nightingale will add elegance and mystery to your evening.

Wedding animation that uses props to great effect

Nightingale uses her birdcage to perform a routine of agility and real choreography. Perfectly timed, her feathers act as plumage as well as fans to give her act a brilliant exotic and glamorous edge. This romantic act from England is sure to add to the precious ambience of your perfect luxury wedding. To include this talented performer in your club or cocktail party celebrations, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist with planning and timing to ensure that this captivating solo act is a highlight of the evening for you and your guests.

Nightingale   Nightingale   Nightingale