• Musicians
  • From Russia
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Solo

A highly original and entertaining wedding performer

Musical Straps is an aerial strap performer with a difference. A talented accordion player, this Russian wedding entertainer uses skill, agility and strength to create a visual aerial show accompanied by music. Unlike other musicians, she plays every note while performing exceedingly difficult and very graceful moves above you and your guests. A glamorous and beautiful choice for your cocktail or dinner entertainment, Musical Straps provides a magical and memorable interlude during your luxury wedding.

A dramatic wedding entertainer who will inspire you

Like a beautiful Russian doll, the artist is suspended from the strap, not just a music act but a performer who employs sheer emotion and her own unique accordion style to create a magical and haunting show. If you need more information in how to include a strap performer with aerial music in your dinner or cocktail events, please allow us to assist you. We have a wide knowledge of different wedding performers and can provide you with more information regarding Musical Straps and how to go about booking her as a part of your luxury wedding entertainment.

Musical Straps   Musical Straps