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Select a cinema theme for your luxury wedding entertainment

Sophie Del Rosso is a real all round showgirl. A choreographer, dancer and singer she created her own complete dance company just five years ago and since then has built it up to include some truly amazing acts and choreographed dancers and performers such as So Movies. The company features a world champion break-dancer, a world champion gymnast and singers, dancers, tap dancers and acrobats, and of course the entire troupe is overseen and choreographed by Sophie herself.

An excellent wedding performance of most famous film songs

With appearances all over Europe to their credit, So Movies is one of those great all round dance and musical shows that will appeal to all of your guests. Highly recommended, and a popular choice at various corporate and private events So Movies will enchant you with their cinema theme. Featuring some of the most famous film songs, and with amazing costumes to further enhance the elegant and glittering scene, this wedding dance company is a break from typical entertainment and offers a real treat for your guests.

A troupe who will enhance your luxury wedding

So Movies is an inspired choice that will add a sprinkle of fairy dust and magic to your cocktail reception or dinner party. The hits from the golden age of film are certain to resonate with your wedding party, and So Movies are romantic and talented performers who will add to the enchanted atmosphere of your special day. If you’d like us to provide you with more information, or with ideas on how you can make So Movies a sensational part of your luxury wedding entertainment that your guests will adore, please get in touch with us. Dancers, acrobats and singers that will have your family and friends asking for more, So Movies bring the glamour of a bygone era to your romantic celebration.

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