• One of a kind
  • From Ukraine
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Trio

Tango music enhances an amazing hand balance act

The fiery splendour of tango music is the perfect backing to these incredible performers. Momento Di Passione will thrill and excite you and your guests with their passionate and romantic routine. This spectacular acrobatic trio are from Ukraine and have performed extensively as part of the acclaimed Kiev Circus School. These talented artists are considered among the best in their field, and present a one of kind routine where the male acrobat is the flyer. Beautiful, stunning and exciting, an acrobatic show of this calibre is a wonderful treat for your guests.

A touch of Latin elegance

Momento Di Passione add a dash of Latin flavour to their magnificent show, and the tango music highlights the incredible feats of strength and agility that they present in this remarkable and utterly amazing hand balance act. Wedding animation that is perfect for your dinner reception, Momento Di Passione are very special indeed. If you’d like to make these world class acrobats part of your luxury wedding entertainment, please contact us. You and your guests will be assured of a glamorous and original performance for your dinner celebrations.

Momento Di Passione   Momento Di Passione   Momento Di Passione