• Circus Shows
  • From Italy
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Troupe

Special choreography ensures an impressive circus act

One of the most spectacular acts you could possibly imagine, these impeccable artists present circus skills as a sensational contemporary routine. Maraviglia are an inspired choice for your luxury wedding, and will have your guests on the edge of their seats. From superb transparent ball shows, to light acrobats and thrilling aerial feats with silks and hoops, these multi-talented performers from Italy are the essence of modern circus. Gorgeous special effects and lights combine with beauty, strength and agility in an outstanding show.

The magic and glamour of a modern circus

Very special choreography, amazing costumes and an imaginative routine, Maraviglia are an impressive acrobatic troupe who will make your luxury wedding cocktail party or dinner celebrations sparkle. The contemporary theme that runs through each of the pieces performed by Maraviglia is a far cry from the circus shows of yesteryear. Modern, vibrant and utterly captivating, these Italian performers promise an evening to remember. To reserve this fabulous wedding animation as part of your special entertainment, contact us via the form or telephone. Particularly suited to dinner and cocktail parties, Maraviglia will enhance your luxury wedding with a stunning and sophisticated performance.

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