• Magic Shows
  • From France
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Troupe

Angels perform big illusions during your dinner event

Magic Beauties are a troupe of magicians and illusionists from the Netherlands who will mesmerise guests at your dinner reception with their big illusions and incredible talent. This all female group present an exciting and sophisticated magic show featuring big tricks and sensuous moves. These beautiful girls are an alternative to traditional magicians, exotic angels who your guests will be entranced by. Fabulous dancers as well as illusionists, their routine is performed in time to music that sets the scene, while their glamorous costumes enhance the ambience.

Thrill your guests with sexy illusionists

A stunning show that will make your luxury wedding entertainment a sensational success. Great performers, Magic Beauties are skilled magicians who will add a touch of class to your dinner celebration. Sleek and stylish, this band of beautiful talented artists will turn in a wedding performance that is polished and professional and truly amazing. Contact us if you’d like assistance with booking, or more information on how to add Magic Beauties to your luxury wedding entertainment.

Magic Beauties   Magic Beauties   Magic Beauties