• Jugglers
  • From France
  • Ideal for dinners and clubs
  • Solo

A futuristic lighting juggler who will amaze your guests

A wonderful and inspired act for luxury wedding entertainment, The Lighting Juggler brings something completely different to your club or dinner celebrations. Perfect for one of a kind themed weddings with a Sci-Fi or futuristic slant, but also ideal as an outstanding solo act to add an unusual facet to your evening. Not only a juggler, this exceptional solo performer is a master of the theatrical with a fabulous lighting show. Choosing red as his colour, his costume is illuminated and he is thrilling to watch as he juggles rings, balls and clubs which glow in the air.

Choose an amazing production for a remarkable wedding performance

This futuristic lighting juggler has performed at numerous events and excels in creating an atmosphere of magic and suspense. Your wedding ceremony festivities will be enhanced by this talented artist, and your guests will enjoy an evening to remember. A lighting juggler act adds something extraordinary to your club animation or dinner reception, and the futuristic aspect appeals to a wide audience. Please contact us to assist you in including The Lighting Juggler in your luxury wedding entertainment.

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