• Painting Artists
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Solo

A talented artist working with an unusual medium

An amazing artist who gives an original performance which will literally light up your cocktail or dinner celebrations. Imagine a large lighting wall – totally blank until water is introduced. The LED Painter can create any kind of art you want simply by painting with water directly on to the screen. The water makes the LED lights glow, and this clever painter and performer uses it like a paintbrush. Live painting has never been so much fun, and makes for a fabulous wedding animation.

LED painting – a solo act that will excite all ages

The LED Painter is perfect as part of your luxury wedding entertainment during dinner or cocktails, and though he is a skilled solo artist, he is happy for everyone to have a go. Your guests will be rushing to have a try at names, logos or graffiti, or even just throwing water at the screen for magical effects. Exceptionally gifted, this live painter can astonish your guests with his quick creation of a real piece of art in any style you like. To make this light painter a surprise wedding performance for your guests, please call us for details.

The Led Painter   The Led Painter   The Led Painter