• One of a kind
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Solo

Invite a talented artist to create a spectacular entertainment

A worldwide champion, the Ice Sculptor has appeared in many contests and is the favored choice of international companies who employ his creative skills to add glamour and panache to prestigious events. He has travelled extensively and is an inspired choice for your luxury wedding cocktail party or dinner celebration. Working as a solo artist, the Ice Sculptor can quickly turn a plain block of ice into something amazing and beautiful. He can customise beautiful sculptures for your special day, perhaps a favorite character or a splendid stand for your flowers. Your guests will be enchanted by his ice carving skills and he offers a very original performance for your romantic celebrations.

A genius with ice who can create sculptures in minutes

The Ice Sculptor is an inventive and creative artist who keeps his audience wondering till then end when his astounding pieces of real art are revealed. The sculptor adds an extra something to your day and is particularly appropriate for cocktail and dinner shows where his unique ice carvings fit in so well. Make the Ice Sculptor a wedding animation that your guests will truly appreciate by giving us a call.

The Ice Sculptor   The Ice Sculptor   The Ice Sculptor   The Ice Sculptor