• Illusionists
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Duo

Wedding performers to surprise and thrill

The Ice Cube is an amazing magic performance from Germany. Twin brothers Andrea and Chris will stun your guests with their skills with a giant block of ice and some boiling water. These talented artists perform really big illusions, with just a block of ice set to assist them. Each part of their show can be closely examined by you and your guests, and customisation is possible for your special day. What could be more romantic than to sign your names on a wedding invitation for example, and then to see it appear as if by magic, embedded in a glittering ice cube?

Illusionists who excel at the art of surprise and the big finish

Performing a stunning range of tricks that will leave your guests demanding more, The Ice Cube is an excellent addition to your luxury wedding. If you’d like to include these impressive twin brothers as part of your dinner entertainment, please get in touch with us. A cube of ice and a little hot water will never look the same again, after you and your guests have seen these remarkable illusionists at work.

The Ice Cube   The Ice Cube   The Ice Cube