• Illusionists
  • From Italy
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Duo

A rare and exciting act that be staged in two parts

This artistic hand shadow duo from Italy takes a new and individual approach to their art that makes them rather different from other shadow performance artists. They can provide your luxury wedding dinner with a dazzling show that your guests will thoroughly enjoy as they perform classic hand shadow movements in the first section that will delight all ages. The second section of this show sees the shadow artists employ their extensive skills in a crazy hand shadows piece that will be the toast of your dinner entertainment.

An amazing show for a wedding and a lot of fun

Hand Shadow will astound you with a spoof politics show that these wedding performers enact with spectacular ease, much to the delight of audiences. Politicians silhouettes are instantly recognisable and this hand shadows duo are masters of their very extraordinary craft. A lighthearted piece of entertainment that is perfectly suited to your luxury wedding dinner, we would be delighted to enquire as to availability of the duo, or provide you with relevant information regarding the possibility of making Hand Shadow a feature at your luxury wedding.

Hand Shadow   Hand Shadow   Hand Shadow   Hand Shadow