• Jugglers
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

A talented solo artist with a remarkable show

From the moment that this exotic and alluring act is introduced to your guests, The Hand-Balance Juggler will capture their hearts. This beautiful girl from Germany has taken her incredible balancing circus production to a host of top events and shows all over Europe. Audiences adore her, and when you see the spectacular hand balance she performs in conjunction with a feet juggling show, you’ll understand her enormous appeal. Outstanding skills, and an amazing wedding act that will ensure that your luxury wedding entertainment will delight guests of all ages.

A glamorous juggler with a one of a kind act

The Hand-Balance Juggler combines daring hand balance tricks with juggling in a visually stunning show. The juggler twirls umbrellas with her feet as she balances on one hand on a slender pole high above her audience. In a magnificent finale she juggles the umbrellas at great speed in a precisely choreographed routine that is a joy to watch. A perfect addition to your dinner reception, The Hand-Balance Juggler will make your wedding ceremony entertainment truly special. Please contact us if you require further information on this wedding performance.

The Hand-Balance Juggler   The Hand-Balance Juggler