• One of a kind
  • From Hungary
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Trio

A spectacular acrobatic statues show

Although this type of act was once well known as a circus favourite, it has become increasingly rare thanks to the level of strength required to perform the discipline well. The Golden Statues are just the acrobatic trio who can do it, and these incredible entertainers from Hungary offer something unique and out of the ordinary for your wedding ceremony celebrations. Each of these talented artists is exceptional, and their amazing handbalance act will take your breath away. A terrific way to treat your guests to a special kind of wedding exhibition, these acrobats are among the best, and will produce a remarkable show for your special day.

A stunning feature of your celebrations

This acrobatic statues show is a treat, and gold costumes and lighting enhance this superb display that blends power and strength with beauty and grace. Carefully chosen music serves to underline just how good these remarkable performers are, and they are the perfect choice for part of your dinner reception entertainment. Please get in touch with us for information on how the Golden Statues one of a kind show can be a part of your luxury wedding celebrations.

The Golden Statues   The Golden Statues