• Contortionists
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Solo

Go for gold with this amazing act from Germany

Golden Contortion is a contortionist with a difference, and has appeared at many high end events all over Europe where her golden costume, body paint and fantastic show has been a hit with audiences. This delightful solo performer from Germany is skilled in the art of contortion and will thrill your guests in a real one of a kind wedding exhibition. As the lights are dimmed her shimmering gold body paint and golden costume sparkle and she becomes the centre of attention. This incredible performer doesn’t disappoint and she goes through a graceful routine, weaving spectacular shapes in time to the music.

A solo contortion show to enhance your evening

This talented artist will be an inspired choice for your luxury wedding entertainment, and is perfect for a cocktail reception or dinner party where her glamorous contortion show can be displayed most effectively. Charming and alluring, this glittering artist is a real crowd pleaser. If you require more details about Golden Contortion, and how to include this remarkable performance in your cocktail or dinner celebration, please get in touch with us.

Golden Contortion   Golden Contortion   Golden Contortion