• Illusionists
  • From France
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Trio

Add something fun to your luxury wedding entertainment

Enjoy all the fun of this imaginative retro style magic show at your dinner reception. French Big Illusions are the type of performers who put a smile on every face. This trio of illusionists have a great approach to 50’s style entertainment that will thrill your guests. Their hilarious brand of magic show features a range of fun box illusions like the disappearing lady and the sawing in half trick, performed in their inimitable fast and humorous way to a retro soundtrack.

A retro style magic show – the perfect wedding performance piece

French Big Illusions will delight your guests and are appropriate for all ages during your dinner reception. Your luxury wedding will be the talk of the town with these comedy illusionists adding their unique touch to your event. Highly gifted performers, it takes talent to pull this kind of routine off with the skill that French Big Illusions clearly bring to the stage. For more information about this delightful wedding performance, or to ensure that French Big Illusions are free for your big day, please contact us using the form or by telephone.

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