• Aerial
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Duo

An enchanting performance by a gifted duo

This exquisite musical and aerial and act from Germany is a magical way to surprise your guests at your dinner reception or cocktail party. These two talented artists combine a breathtaking aerial show with a beautiful piece of music to present a wedding exhibition piece that really stands out. Flying Beauty have travelled to some of the world’s top events to wow audiences with their powerful musical performance and their skills in the air. Acclaimed acrobats with a one of a kind show, Flying Beauty are fantastic performers who will be a highlight of your luxury wedding.

Top musicians with a spectacular aerial show

Flying Beauty comprise a pianist and a violinist, and these glamorous musicians certainly understand the concept of magnificent entertainment. Each girl is as skilled in the air as she is on her instrument, the violinist even plays while suspended upside down. Building to a thrilling crescendo, and then tapering off to finish the musical piece perfectly, this is an elegant and sophisticated show. Please contact us to make Flying Beauty a fabulous part of your luxury wedding entertainment.

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