• Water Shows
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails
  • Solo, duo or troupe

Intrigue your wedding guests with a spectacular and unique show in the world

Franky Zapata began to develop his special new sport, FlyBoard in spring 2011. With his extensive experience in jet skis, and the creation of a new prototype, he and his team of riders soon succeeded in the invention of a unique performance sport that now entrances audiences at prestigious international events. Talented riders dive deep into the water to emerge at great speed, to triumphant heights, much to the delight of audiences. Franky has taken FlyBoard Show entertainment all over the world, to events including the ‘Jack Reacher’ premier with Tom Cruise in Madrid, the Doha World Cup in Qatar, and the opening of the Karujet Show in Guadeloupe.

Choose FlyBoard Show for wedding celebrations

The exciting mix of elements – water, air and fire make this spectacular live spectator show a luxury wedding treat. Using different lighting effects the riders can appear like dolphins from the water, and fly high into the air like birds, with a laser show to illuminate every move. A FlyBoard show for wedding celebrations such as a glamorous cocktail party or reception will leave your guests with amazing memories of a truly magnificent day.

This revolutionary new sport can be customised just as you wish, and if you’re interested in the possibility of making FlyBoard Show entertainment an exciting addition to your luxury wedding cocktail reception, please do get in touch with us to organise a meeting, or to provide further details.

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